Rethinking Quality in a Digital Age?

Autonomous driving has introduced sophisticated new components and systems, which run under a heavy load of distributed embedded software and electronics. Without proper safeguards, these highly vulnerable systems could become...

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Retail Banking Decision Making

Retail Banking  A retail bank directly deals with individual customers by providing them with basic banking services like checking and savings bank accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit cards, credit cards...

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Latest RBI Regulation NBFC Takeover India

RBI Regulation NBFC Takeover Takeover shall mainly go through the documents of the target firm & once Acquirer sanctions the Acquisition of the said NBFC, MOU to be signed with...

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Checklist for Nidhi Company Registration

Which Law governs Nidhi Company? The law and procedures of Nidhi Company are governed by Section 406 of Companies Act, 2013 and Companies (Nidhi Companies) Rules, 2014. Nidhi Company A...

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Procedure of NBFC Entry into Insurance Business

NBFC Entry into Insurance Business Nowadays, NBFC is playing an important role in the development of financial market by taking it into the consideration RBI has allowed the NBFC to...

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